Downtown Multi-use Parking Facility

Value  $9,000,000.00

This 7-storey precast and poured concrete structure was designed to resemble an upscale office building. The total area comprises 130,000 SF and contains 10,000 SF of office space on two levels with street/garage access and an internal elevator. This facility is presently occupied by Tourism Burlington, The Burlington Economic Development Corporation and Café. Parking Garage access is by way of an elevator/stair tower at the south elevation and a second stair tower at the north elevation. This building boasts easy pedestrian and vehicle access to and from Locust Street.

The Parking Facility is part of the newly launched Downtown Waterfront project for the City of Burlington, formed to stimulate a wide range of economic activity. The schedule was met to the complete satisfaction of the Owner, The City of Burlington and the Architect, Stark Ireland Architects Inc.