Professional Construction Corporation Company Toronto


As a general contractor, design builder or in a management role, DINEEN Construction Cor­p­or­ation is recognized for its high quality of workmanship, innovative solutions and speed of completion for a wide range of projects. DINEEN is comm­itted to the pursuance of design innovation, outstanding product quality, superb engin­eering, pro­ject efficiency and total client satisfaction.

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Pictures are worth a thousand words! Browse our project portfolio to get an idea of the type of work we are capable of.


DINEEN Construction Corp­or­ation’s core values are Sin­cerity, Safety, Trust and Comm­itment, which we maintain during all interactions with our clients, trades and staff. The leadership and staff at DINEEN Construction Corporation are totally committed to delivering our projects on time and on budget while abiding by our core values.

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DINEEN Construction is proud to be a leader in Green con­struction. DINEEN focuses on providing optimal energy and water effi­ciencies, maximizing the use of local products and water diversion from landfills, providing enhanced comm­ission and minimizing the use of toxic materials.

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Q. Does Dineen carry insurance?

A. Yes, Dineen provides general liability insurance on all projects. Builders risk insurance can be provided upon request along with environmental insurance coverage.

Q. Does Dineen provide a warranty on projects?

A. Dineen provides an industry standard warranty of one year from the date of substantial performance; however, other durations can be negotiated.